Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gawk all you want!

Hooray, I made it onto Craft Gawker! Craft Gawker is a great site with fabulous photos of handmade crafts. When I submitted a picture of my hair clips set, I was pretty sure I'd get turned down, but I was still looking forward to getting some constructive criticism. Well imagine my surprise and glee when I was notified that it got published!!! (I'm still grinning, truth be told!) What a rush :)

You can check out their cool site at, and my picture is a set of 3 mini bow hairclips in turquoise and green.


  1. These are beautiful! All of your work is beautiful. I just stumbled across your shop on Etsy, and now I am following your blog. Do you have an e-mail address? I'd love to chat about a possible review/giveaway on my blog? Thanks, and best wishes!!! Erin Lehman

  2. Oh wow, just saw that this was two years ago! OK... I'll try to Etsy convo you instead! Ha ha